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Partial or full comprehensive insurance: for damage to the vehicle. It is important to have a truck accident attorney.┬áThis area can be booked on demand and allows for two different options, such as so-called own damage – ie damages that have been incurred on the truck itself – can be insured. Partial insurance : Partial insurance covers all damage caused by the following risks: hail, storm, fire, theft, collisions with animals, etc. Fully comprehensive insurance : In addition to the risks that are also insured in the partial comprehensive insurance, comprehensive insurance also covers damage to the truck caused by the owner himself – for example, through an accident. Also vandalism and transport on a ferry are usually covered. Launderette truck driver, secured by the truck insurance Accident insurance: protection for the driver Again, this is a bookable block. If the driver causes an accident and injures himself, this component of the truck insurance takes over the resulting costs. Even if he allows someone else to drive his truck and this comes to harm, the insurance coverage. Insured are only personal injury. The following services are usually included: Payment of the sum insured to the survivors in the event of death disability pension

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