Child Custody Attorney in San Bernardino

To consent to a child custody and visitation request when the two parents live in the same city ought not be that troublesome. The inconvenience arises when the parents live in various urban areas, states or nations. Along these lines, if your ex is moving away from San Bernardino and you are thinking about whether you will even now have the capacity to see your children you should want to know this at Law Office of Joyce Holcomb a family law firm in San Bernardino. Normally, more than 100 miles distance issues are understood by granting longer timeframes share to the distant parent.


The visitation timetable should be planned all the more carefully around the child's school calendar year. The standard is that where there is a distant parent with a lower time share percentage, this parent is qualified for each spring break and no under 42 back to back days in the mid year. The idea is to make up for the ends of the week visitations missed amid the year. Remember that the goal is to assure that the children invest as much equal energy share percentages as conceivable. To get the best results for your children hire a San Bernardino child custody attorney. 

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