Estate Litigation Lawyers in Roseville

Today, a successful business is a wide scope, huge potential, constant creativity, and endless risk. A competent Roseville legal work can reduce this risk and introduce it into the framework of civilized business. In this regard, The Sterling Law Group, Roseville business litigation law firm, offers the following services: analysis and adjustment of constituent and internal documents; analysis of the business structure and its diversification; taking measures to protect the register of shareholders – for joint-stock companies; operational protection of fixed assets, shares in the authorized capital; application of legal mechanisms of estate litigation law firm in Roseville; other activities aimed at leveling legal and other risks associated with the assets of the company. High quality, reliability, confidentiality of working with Clients, deep insight into the essence of their problems, constant self-improvement and prompt response to changes in legislation are the main principles of our Firm. Protection schemes



Estate protection schemes are divided into three main groups: Legal distancing – a formal transfer of assets to a subject with less risk (for example, a limited liability company, private foundation or trust). In such schemes, the owner of the assets has no legal connection with them, but at the same time, a certain level of indirect control can be maintained. The main postulate on which the schemes of this group are based sounds like this: "Any assets can be attacked and taken away from you, except for those that you do not formally own."

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