Family Lawyer in Largo

The Law Firm for Family Law Largo family law clients can count on support including:


1. Divorces As part of divorce proceedings, the advocate undertakes the following activities: drawing up a divorce petition (including the need to draft a legal opinion); conducting divorce cases with a verdict on guilt or divorce cases without a verdict on guilt (for the so-called "parties agreement"); complete the documentation necessary during the divorce proceedings; Customer representation throughout the entire judicial process.


2. Separations In the area of ​​cases being dealt with, the plenipotentiary will undertake: Conduct separation cases at the joint request of the spouses, and in the event of a separation request from only one of the spouses.


3. Alimony Both legal advice and legal representation are legal actions including: the subject of child support for a minor or adult child; maintenance proceedings for the spouse; maintenance proceedings to satisfy the needs of the family and other entitled persons.


4. Contact with the child The regulations regarding the establishment of contacts with the child (after and during the divorce) concern the support of a lawyer in the area of: limiting contact with the child; total ban on maintaining contact with the child.


5. Parental authority Matters pertaining to parental responsibility, conducted by family law firm of The Law Firm for Family Law in Largo, most often concern: deprivation of parental authority; restoring parental authority; restrictions on parental authority.


6. Establishing and denying paternity All matters related to the need to determine the origin of a child (determination or denial of its origin). Get a Largo family lawyer to help in your case. 

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