Father’s Rights Lawyer in Los Angeles

Land Legal Group are a Los Angeles based family law firm, who can assist in father’s rights cases. Protecting the rights of fathers is one of our leading activities. A number of specialists, on the basis of their own practice, conduct research in the field of judicial protection of the diverse rights of fathers in order to obtain the academic titles of doctors of law . Therefore, they are the first who can offer any father to find a legitimate solution in his situation. They apply the methods and standards developed by them for the quickest and easiest resolution of the whole family conflict.

The fundamental right and task of every father is to raise your child! Hire Land Legal Group for a Los Angeles father’s rights attorney.

To educate and care for your child is not a right, but an obligation. The right is chosen by the person to whom this right belongs, for example, the right of free movement: I wanted to go to the right, but I wanted to go straight! And the duty – obliges the father to raise a child, similarly the duty to pay taxes. Parental rights are equal, therefore both the mother and the father are obliged to raise their child.

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