Getting Acquainted With Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury usually comes about as a result of a sudden or traumatic blow on the spine that either dislocates or fractures the vertebrae that as revealed by Harmonson Law Firm, P.C. The damage usually takes effect immediately when the disc material and bone fragments tear or bruise the tissues, but the spine is not severed at this time. It is then esential to hire a spinal injury lawyer to put you at ease.

Most injuries are likely to cause compression and fractures to the vertebrae. This leads to the damage of axons, whose primary role is to carry signals across the spine from the brain to other parts of the body. This can easily cause damage to a few or virtually all axons. One can completely recover from some of the injuries sustained, while in some cases it can lead to complete paralysis.

From Harmonson Law Firm P.C, personal injury law firm in El Paso, one gets to know that the nervous systems can be protected from further damage in cases of injuries. The best way is to provide emergency treatment so that the person can be restored without their condition deteriorating further. Injuries that are extremely severe tend to cause problems in breathing. This is where a ventilator should come in handy to help the person breathe with ease.

The injured person can also be injected using a steroid so that the nerve cells can be protected from further damage. This should be strictly done within eight hours. There are also some rehabilitation programs that aid in the recovery of the patients such as activities for building skills so that the patients can get the requisite emotional and social support.

The categories of these injuries include complete and incomplete. The incomplete means that the damage done to the spine is not so severe, making it possible for it to send messages to and from the brain. People with this condition still have their motor and sensory neurons functioning at some level.

Complete injuries mean that there is no trace of motor or sensory below the affected area. Survivors of these injuries are likely to experience some medical complications such as bladder and bowel malfunction or chronic pain, to an extent of even developing some respiratory and cardiac problems. Having a quick recovery majorly depends on how well some of these chronic conditions are handled on a daily basis.

These two categories can arise even when the spine is not fractured or dislocated. Other circumstances that can lead to the damage include a lodged bullet or weapon since this is likely to cause damage to the axons. Doctors perform a physical examination on the patients by checking the reaction of muscles to see whether they still have a strength and whether the arm and leg reflexes are performing as required. There are cases that would require an X-ray to be taken to ascertain the level of damage to the vertebrae and other underlying symptoms.

As revealed by Harmonson Law Firm P.C there have been some great advances in research in the area of spinal cord injury and doctors optimistic that the treatment will be achievable in the future. The research is blended with other clinical research to establish some of the best physical rehabilitation techniques that will help in restoring the patient to normal functioning. The good news is that there have been some techniques that have significantly helped the patients to gain mobility within a short period.

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