Personal Injury Law Firm in Las Cruces

 Following a Las Cruces personal injury claim there are not always penal or administrative penalties but, almost always, there is a damage that must be compensated. The damage suffered in a claim, in a nutshell, can be distinguished in: – financial loss. They are the direct economic consequences (eg damage to the vehicle, technical stop, unused insurance, etc.) and indirect (eg cost for medical examinations) of the accident; – non-pecuniary physical damage. These are the consequences that affect the health of the people involved (eg a broken limb); – non-patrimonial-psychic damage. This is the new frontier of compensation for damage. Ruhmann Law Firm are a personal injury law firm in Las Cruces who can help in your personal injury case.


Recently the jurisprudence is affecting the psychological consequences resulting from a car accident. It is not only a question of the diagnosed pathologies but also of the malaise which, accompanied by a physical impairment (non-patrimonial-physical damage), turns into a damage to itself, susceptible of independent evaluation. Be sure to have a Las Cruces personal injury attorney on your side.Think of those who have lost the use of a leg due to an accident, in such cases it is clear that alongside physical damage there will be "existential" damage that will have to be assessed and compensated independently.

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