Rick Dane Moore & Associates Law Firm Specialist in Resolving Homeowners Association Disputes

Homeowners Association (HOA) is formed in residential areas to sustain and maintain orderly development. If any person purchases a house in the area that is part of HOA then he is required to join the association. Different HOAs have different policies which may include housing development, community aspects like club house pool or multifamily properties. The HOA policies are disclosed to buyers prior to purchase but conflicts are likely to arise.

If you are stuck with HOA dispute in Oklahoma, it is advisable that you take assistance from attorneys at Rick Dane Moore and Associates who will help you with all facets of legal proceedings. The firm has experienced attorneys who have worked on behalf of both developers and home owners and have successfully represented the cases. Since HOA disputes require thorough investigation and careful examination of the case, the business law experts at Rick Dane Moore and Associates has the dedication and expertise to resolve the case effectively and quickly. The lawyers are well-versed with all the business laws and nuances of the HOA agreements and have a track record of dealing with the toughest case in favor of their clients.

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