Triebsch & Frampton, APC

Brain injuries can be a very serious business. They can not only completely change your way of life, they can have long lasting impacts that ensure you never fully return to life as it was before. If you’ve incurred a brain injury as the result of a third party and they were at fault, you could have a case in court.

Contact Triebsch & Frampton, APC an experianced law firm in Central Valley, to see whether your case may qualify for a lawsuit or not. Brain injury cases must be filed and before that, you must determine whether you have a case. An experienced attorney will be able to help you figure out what evidence and information you need to assemble and guide you through the case. We’ll help you figure out whether you can get compensation for your brain injury that can help you pay medical bills and get you back on your feet. Get in touch with us today!

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