Wrongful Death Compensation Claim

If you have found this article because you believe someone you love has been the victim of a wrongful death, let me first say how sorry I am for your loss. I hope that you are receiving the support you need throughout this tragic ordeal. Wrongful death cases are probably the most difficult that I deal with as an injury attorney. They have very similar boundaries and guidelines as ordinary personal injury cases, but due to the fact that there was a death on account of someone else’s mistake, it makes the process considerably more emotional. There are very rigorous restrictions on what constitutes wrongful death, so if you believe that you may have a claim due to the death of a loved one, you should communicate with an experienced wrongful death lawyer from The Law Offices Of Keith Bregoff.

First and foremost, the fatality needs to have been caused due to someone else’s carelessness. Similar to an auto accident or personal injury case, there needs to be somebody else at fault either for doing something they shouldn’t have, or not doing something they should have. There has to be a causal link between this negligence and the death too. When fighting an insurance company on a claim with as much at stake as wrongful death, proving that the negligence caused the fatality is the most important aspect of the case.

A wrongful death may result from a number of situations. Some of the most typical that I have seen as a wrongful death lawyer are from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian collisions, defective products, workplace accidents and medical errors. Time, however is of the essence in death cases, so the family needs to be aware of not waiting too long to pursue a claim. No one wants to have to give thought to hiring an attorney, especially under these kinds of circumstances, but as soon as the family feels emotionally ready to consider pursuing legal action, they should speak with an attorney. The family of a wrongful death victim should look for an experienced attorney from The Law Offices Of Keith Bregoff who has a good history of dealing with cases similar to theirs.

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